UNIZIK JOURNAL OF BUSINESS 4(1) 2021                               DOI: 10.36108/unizikjb/1202.40.0130

Ikedimma Nwabufo Okeke
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
Chioma Nwamalubia Okeke
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

This paper captured the need to include ‘Music Business’ as a course of study in Music Departments and Business Schools across Higher Institutions in Nigeria. This call was necessitated by the growing zeal and number of students, youths, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, music enthusiasts and investors who are enthusiastic about engaging in the music entertainment industry across the country in the face of rising unemployment indices in the country. Music educators have also awakened to the realization that some of the courses and music specialties offered students are insufficient and inadequate in meeting with the demands of the economic hardship and burgeoning business world around them. Definitely not all students have flairs or interest in music composition, music teaching, or music performance; some have flairs for music business where they can excel in packaging and managing music for events. Unarguably, music features in virtually all social engagements around the world and the Nigerian society such as meetings, weddings, rallies, religious gatherings, ceremonies, funerals, seminars and conferences, banquets, etc., and it is appropriate therefore that such endeavor be given adequate attention in scholarship to ascertain its functionalism and pragmatic ways of sustaining, improving, and promoting the art. The paper therefore recommends that Departments of Music and Business schools across the country should recognize the imperatives of ‘Music Business’ as part of their curriculum of studies to the end of fostering functional education among the youths.
Keywords: Music Business, music entertainment industry.





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