UNIZIK JOURNAL OF BUSINESS  1(2) 2018                           DOI: 10.36108/unizikjb/8102.10.0211

Chimeziem C. Gabriela Udeze
Alex-Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu Alike Ikwo
Joy N. Ugwu
Alex-Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu Alike Ikwo


The overwhelming competitive strength of developed and industrialized countries across the globe has constantly challenged the up- and- coming industries in African nations in a cold and stiff competition. This has left these industries perpetually on their marks and unable to take off so as to compete favourably with their competitors in the global market place. The question of how industries in Africa can improve their competitiveness and hence industrialize the continent has been widely discussed by scholars in the recent past and yet this issue has not been adequately addressed. This paper on value chain management and industrialization in Africa is a qualitative study that addresses the issue of African industrialization with special reference to value chain management. Specifically, this paper reviews how industries in Africa can thrive amidst stiff global competition and the role of value chain management in industrializing the African continent. Through deductive reasoning, the study reviews the role of value chain management in the industrialization of Africa. In conclusion, this paper shed more light on how industries in Africa can leave their marks, take off and compete favourably amidst stiff competition with value chain management pointing out that one of the ways to make African industrialization a reality is to manage the industrial value chain effectively. This study recommends that government and private organizations should help by investing in research and development to help shed more light on innovative ways to improve on value chain management.

Keywords: African industrialization, Value chain management, Competitiveness, Effectiveness




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